Fordson major gearbox oil level

Close to the pto selector lever on the axle and by the brake pedals on the gearbox. Water filled cleaners have the level checked twice daily and be drained and flushed weekly. Original manufacturers name, part numbers and descriptions are quoted for reference purposes only and are not intended to indicate or suggest that our replacement parts are made by the original equipment manufacturer. This tractor only gets used in mild to hot weather, so i even considered mixing in some 85w140 to quiet down the somewhat noisy gears below me. A guide to fordson ractor maintenance 27th february. Fordson major e1a unknown lever post by martyn williams. In cold climates the water can freeze and break the chambers in the pump. Hello fordson freaks, i have a original service letter in german, send from fordson to the dealers. The fordson gearbox and rear axle is a common chamber, the recommended lubricant was e. It is supplied from the diff housing and uses the same oil type as the engine and gearbox. Including main input shaft, seals, bearings, countershaft and gears.

View of fuel injection pump removed from engine to show maximum speed screw and idling stop screw. Before i put the new oil in, i also should drain the oil and flush out the rear axle with a mixture of diesel and 30w oil, because theres cream coloured oil in the rear transmission. How to oil the transmission the use of the correct oil is as important in the transmission system as in the case of the engine, for unsuitable lubricants will cause rapid overheating, followed by serious trouble. How to oil the transmission the use of the correct oil is as important in the. Including clutch discs, pressure plates and bearings. How and where to check oil on a fordson e27 youtube. My dexta hydraulics have seemed to have seized up hoping to get them fixed and back together soon. Engines ferguson mf fordfordson free video tutorials hydraulics major mf 100 series. A guide to fordson ractor maintenance 27th february 1942. The engine oil and filter should normally be changed every 200 hours and will require 6. Original accessories ford fordson collectors association. The fordson e27n major was an upgrade to the fordson n, and made in england from march 1945, having the same engine and transmission as the model n, but in a new casting which allowed for a pto and a hydraulic lift unit manufactured by either smiths or varley. And yes, the one type of oil is suitable for engine, transmission and rear. In this video i show how i changed the transmission fluid in my ford 2000 tractor.

Parts supplied by silver fox tractor spares limited are not manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer. The oil sump holds 5 gallons that is shared with the transmission and rear end of the. Fordson major dexta tractor parts replacement spare. The capacity of the transmission housing is approximately 3i gallons. Ive searched the archive and found out that i should use sae 30 oil. Steering box lube ford fordson collectors association. Does this meannits probably the pto seal as opposed to the rear. Changing transmission and differential fluid in a 4500 ford tractor. If you have an old major it may have 8090w but this can be changed to the 30w as fords changed the specs. Over the weekend i picked up a decent running 55 fordson major diesel with a bunch of little issues. I would not recommend changing the pto seal without the proper tools. The books actually say to use sae 140 lubricant in temps above 90f. P 140 viscosity oil, this meant a thick glutinous liquid not at all like a model 90140 oil which is quite free flowing. It has a tendency to accumulate moisture from condensation inside the gear cases and the water collects in the bottom of the sump where it is drawn directly into the hydraulic pump.

Where is the level check for the rear axle, on the fordson major diesel, or do i just put in 9 gallons, and leave it at that. Can you drain the transmission fluid so level drops then keep topping up with gearbox oil or will this problem need fixing asap. This is done by spliting the tractor where the rear transmission joins the gear box. Open the plug with the tractor on level ground and allow the oil to drain out of the level holes til it stops. A guide to fordson ractor maintenance first printed in the 27th february 1942 issue of commercial motor.

How and where to check oil on a fordson e27n youtube. View of oil drain plug, level plug and filler plug. Once put back together i filled up the back end and the gearbox. Replacing secondary output shaft oil seal sleeve this manual is free downloaded from. Lift the lift lever and let the tractor do the work. Dexta, super dexta, major, super major power major. As indicated in the lubrication timetable, it is desirable to check the oil level at least.

Changing manual shift transmission fluid on a ford 2000 tractor. If it doesnt it could be related to the overheating but the black smoke probably wasnt caused by. With haying all done and the loaner tractor returned, its time to tear into the fordson. Fordson tractor replacement parts catalogue updated september 2011 distributed by discount tractor parts ph 0800 872 272.

It will not level off so you will have to transfer oil from the rear to the gearbox now and again. It is very important that the correct oil level is maintained in the air cleaner of. To replace the pto seal, you will need to drain both gear boxes. The differential however was of completely new design. Short video showing how and where to check all the oil levels on an australian fordson e27n. Fordson super dexta first start attempt fail duration. Fordson major tractor oil change and fuel filter youtube. Blue or bluegrey smoke is invariably engine oil burning but i suggest you ignore that until the black smoke problem is rectified and after a short time the blue smoke might also disappear. The fordson major tractor is simple to operate and maintain, reliable in operation. Also, do i use the same 30w oil in both, the gearbox, and the rear axle, or is the 30w oil just for the rear axle, and something else goes in the gearbox if so, what. Hydraulic problems ford fordson collectors association.

What causes black smoke from fordson power major fixya. I think this the reservoir that operates the hydraulics and gear box. Major gearbox oil into transmission yesterdays tractors. Then you will need to drop the pto shaft and drive. I want to change the oil in the gearbox and rear axle from my dexta. Fordson major e1a unknown lever the classic machinery. The oil should reach the level of the fillercap hole, the filler being located just below and to the side of the gear lever, a drain, plug is provided in the underside of the transmission housing. My major has a transfer problem but i have to tranfer oil back about once every two years. Every attempt is made to ensure the data listed is accurate. Tractor vaporising oil tvo existed in 1920 but was not yet widely used. Major gearbox oil into transmission discussion in the fordson forum at yesterdays tractors. Fordson dexta ford dexter engine oil pump and filter. Ensure the face joint is clean, both on the gearbox and the trans mission plate, as no leakage must occur at this point when reassembly is completed. Oil pressure seems to be a topic thats misunderstood by a lot of people and these questions show up a lot.

Fixing a ford 8n tractor that wont start when hot, hard to start cold, doesnt run well duration. What oil for that and the gearbox forward of the gearbox. With the plugs removed add oil until it runs out of the holes. In gear box, rear axle, engine and steering from january 1959 up. Fordson dexta ford dexter tractors were manufactured from 1957 to 1964. My neighbour has an old fordson major kerosene powered tractor duel filler caps, instrument panel below tank. P 140 viscosity oil, this meant a thick glutinous liquid not at all like a model 90140 oil.

Injection pump is out of time enough to make is start hard and smoke alot, brakes are mechanically good but do nothing, charging system seems nonfunctional, and the starter is iffy bendix lever seems sloppy and rarely engages the starter to the flywheel. Fordson super major specification dimensions agrister. Changing the hydraulic fluid in a ford 8n tractor youtube. Naa and hundred series tractors have separate reservoirs for transmission lubricant, hydraulic fluid, and differential lubricant. A guide to fordson ractor maintenance first printed in the 27th.

It could also be filled by removing the nut that holds the steering wheel on and pouring the oil down the hollow steering shaft where it flowed out a cross drilled. Low oil pressure ford fordson collectors association. The dipstick indicates that the oil level in the reservoir at the rear of the tractor is low. The oil sump holds 5 gallons that is shared with the transmission and rear end of the tractor. Will i harm anything by using a gl5 gear oil instead. There is a small square headed level plug screwed into both the axle and gearbox casings. If differential oil is going into the transmission, it is the pto seal, if it is going the other way, it is the upper seal.

The rear end holds about 20 gallons if i remember correctly. Basically, to create oil pressure in the engine, the gear pump first moves the oil from the sump by pushing it up through the passages in the block and creating a flow. The interest in old ford tractors among collectors has rapidly increased in the last several years which has also increased the demand for original parts, accessories factory and period aftermarket, original sales literature, manuals, memorabilia, etc. Power major, super major rego2oil engine oil selector castrol. End float of the shafts, both upper and lower, is necessary otherwise when the tractor warms up, due to expansion, undesirable loading may be placed on the bearings. The transmission was a threespeed spur gear the three forward speeds.

Sos, i have my first tractor problem, hydraulic lift issue can you show me where the filter was found. Power takeoff from top of gearbox, driving selfcontained pump unit and lift. Short video showing how and where to check all the oil levels on an. Rear axle oil is 30w or multigrade, normal engine oil. Changing manual shift transmission fluid on a ford 2000. Fordson super dexta, fordson major diesel, fordson power major, 2000 super dexta, fordson super major, new performance super major, 5000 super major. Fordson dexta, fordson superdexta, ford dexter the life of the oil pump can be extended by adhering to the recommended engine oil change frequency. The second is in the pto housing under the gear box. The early 4748 8n steering box had a 14 pipe plug on the upper right side of the box. The oil in mine is 50 years old put a pipe on the trailer port. View of transmission with planetary gearbox assembly and main shift plate assembly. Fordson dexta ford dexter data vintage tractor engineer. New to me fordson major diesel fordson forum yesterday.

There is a dipstick for the level to the frontleft of the main gear lever. Major gearbox oil into transmission discussion in the fordson. How do you top up the oil that registers on the dipstick near your left toe. Problem is then though that when the oil is exactly at the level, you never know if you need more in. And yes, the one type of oil is suitable for engine, transmission and rear axle. After draining, the housing may be flushed out with a quart or so of engine oil. Rear transmission the fordson gearbox and rear axle is a common chamber, the recommended lubricant was e. Gear oil transfer is a pain but most of us live with it. I came through st fagans village and down the hill towards the welsh life museum. Oil from the gearbox can get into the rear axle through two seals. As long as you keep the oil in the rear axle down to its correct level you will have no problems. The fordson e27n major was an upgrade to the fordson n, and made in.

Specifications and data ford fordson collectors association. Fuel shut off valve threads into tank, water pump, steering wheel, flywheel ring gear, oil seal, front emblem, diesel fuel lift pump with gasket, hydraulic lift quadrant lever friction disc, hydraulic. Fordson power major tractor transmission information. The oil for the rear axle and hydraulics are the same.

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